'The Zoo' for paediatrics


Description: A series of distractive video portraits featuring wild and domestic animals forming a zoo-like digital experience. This installation is suitable for all audiences but is especially effective in Paediatrics or areas where children are nearby. 

Installation: Suitable for HD & UHD screens or projectors. Films are are either displayed across multiples screens with one animal per screen or as a looping slideshow for single screen usage.

Project Status: CW+ of Chealsea and Westminster Hospital are currently gathering data to quantify the effectiveness of this content. We are expecting to see varying evidence of increased patient turnover and a reduction in department overhead, specifically the cost of anaesthetics in areas where “The Zoo” is operational. 

Commissioned by CW+, Currently Exhibiting at Chelsea & Westminster hospital

Example Zoo content




Description: Physical window frame installations for use in rooms with poor access to natural light.  Video screens (or LED light panels) are displayed behind framed glass to give the illusion of a real window. Screens are additionally programmed on a 24hr content cycle to simulate realistic day and night-time lighting conditions - the intended effect being to reduce the impact of claustrophobia and sensory deprivation caused from staying indoors too long. 

Installation: We can design frames to suit any space or decor, each frame will require a minimum of 35cm wall depth for seamless integration. All hardware can be easily replaced or upgraded via the front facing lockable doors. Alternatively if wall fabrication is not an option, framed landscape content can be projection mapped onto blank walls creating a temporary but credible window. 

Project Status: Installed.

Commissioned by Great Ormond Street Hospital, estimated launch November 2017



Mock-ups frames and sample images only:


Recent innovations in short throw projecting from LG & Sony:

Projected window mockup

Projected window mockup

Entire Window footage.



Description: A sound and video installation for 'stabilising' the mood of crowded A&E departments, this ‘responsive’ system is designed to indirectly encourage audiences to keep calm and behave considerately.

Installation: Multiple displays are installed in the ceilings and walls of each A&E in the best possible viewing positions.  Sections from one high resolution landscape film will play continuously across all connected devices (as pictured) to create a tiled panoramic view and a unique shared experience. 

Ambient sound will play through invisible speakers also installed in the ceiling. 

Additionally, sound will be programmed to ‘respond’ to the the room - playing at normal volume when the room is quiet (to mask uncomfortable silence) then reducing in volume if shouting or raised voices are detected, the intended effect being to heighten self awareness of disruptive individuals.  Also, in the event of a continuous disturbance, screens could simultaneously switch to a completely different view, creating a momentary but more arresting distraction.

Project Status: Under construction. In discussions with various London hospitals.

Sample Image

Sample Image

Waiting room


Description: Content designed to attract the continued notice of visitors in public waiting areas. Each short narrative is displayed sequentially - in high definition and at a slower frame rate - to achieve a more entrancing visual effect. Its placement in a waiting room is intended to relieve boredom and anxiety by shifting viewer attention to a more calming subject.

Installation: Suitable for HD & UHD screens or projectors.

Project Status: In Progress, Filming new work for existing installations. 

Currently Exhibiting at Chelsea & Westminster and Great Ormond Street Hospitals

Waiting room sample footage:



Description: A slideshow of famous locations from around the world to be displayed in areas of a hospital where patients experiencing problems with their memory are being treated. Depending on the whereabouts of each installation (or the preference of the department), we will produce content with familiar landmarks and easily recognisable features.

Installation: Suitable for HD & UHD screens and projectors.

Project Status: In progress, ongoing footage collection of familiar places.

Some films on display at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital.



Description: We are excited to be developing new behavioural intervention tools for patients to engage with during cancer treatments. 

Using the latest in VR technology, we will introduce highly distracting first-person experiences as a potential non-pharmacological solution for symptom management during chemotherapy.

We believe that by continuously occupying patients with absorbing stories, interactive moments, soothing sounds and imagery in a fully immersive environment, we can effectively suppress feelings of nausea and anxiety so commonly experienced during these intrusive treatments.  This could lead to improved quality of life for patients, an increased ability to sustain longer treatments and maybe even savings in antiemetic drugs. 

Please email james@accademiabridge.company if you are interested in contributing to this particular project.

Project Status: In discussions with various London hospitals.





Description: Sound enhanced media designed to mimic optimal sleeping conditions for individual viewers. Each file contains deep, ambient sound across all hearable frequencies, blended together using stock and original recordings. It is also an effective delivery system for 'circadian rhythm' friendly colour and light.

Installation: Sleep media is available in both audio and video files. We advise using a high quality speaker system for this installation.

Project Status: Conceptual. 

Sample Sleep footage



Description: Films and photographs (aimed upwards) specifically crafted for patients who are stuck in bed all day. Like the window installations, Upwards offer both distraction and a view of the outside world in a way that makes physical sense to the viewer. 

Installation: Films are displayed using portable projectors or ceiling mounted displays.

Project Status: In Progress, actively collecting upwards ready footage.

Recently commissioned by Great Ormond Street Hospital, estimated release March 2017

Upwards sample footage