The Zoo @ Chelsea & Westminster Hospital


CATEGORY: Distraction therapy



STATUS: Installed

OVERVIEW: Commissioned by CW+ for the Paediatric A&E Unit at London’s Chelsea & Westminster hospital, “The Zoo” is comprised of a series of ultra HD video portraits of both wild and domestic animals. Films are either displayed across multiples screens with one animal per screen, or as a looping slideshow for single screen usage. The animals make eye contact with the children, distracting and calming them as they are undergoing examination or treatment.


Initial clinical feedback from Chelsea & Westminster (as % of clinicans):

84% reported improvement in their patients’ anxiety
79% recorded reductions in their patients’ pain
67% reported improvements on time taken to complete basic procedures
84% recorded improvement in the wellbeing of parents/guardians
83% would recommend “The Zoo” to a colleague.


A comprehensive measurement & evaluation study of the effectiveness of “The Zoo” is underway and estimated for completion by Q2 2018. 


Responsive A&E @ The Chelsea & WestminsteR HOSPITAL

Mock-up images only

Mock-up images only

APPROACH: Mood stabilisation 

MEDIA: Film, Sound, Lighting

CLINICAL SETTING: Main A&E – Chelsea & Westminster hospital

STATUS: In development

OVERVIEW: Also commissioned by CW+, this sound and video installation designed for 'stabilising' the mood of crowded A&E departments, is a responsive system intended to encourage audiences to keep calm and behave considerately.

Multiple displays are installed in the ceilings and walls of each A&E in the best possible viewing positions.  Sections from one high resolution landscape film will play continuously across all connected devices (as pictured) to create a tiled panoramic view and a unique shared experience. 

Additionally, sound playing through ceiling speakers will be programmed to ‘respond’ to the mood in the room - playing at normal volume when the room is quiet (to mask uncomfortable silence) then reducing in volume if shouting or raised voices are detected.


Mock-up images only

Mock-up images only


Virtual Windows @ Great Ormond Street


CATEGORY: Environment Enhancement  

MEDIA: Film 

CLINICAL SETTING: Premier Inn Clinical Building, Great Ormond Street Hospital

STATUS: Installed

OVERVIEW: Accademia was commissioned by Great Ormond Street Hospital to design, build and program Virtual Windows in 2 rooms in its new £10m building which lack access to natural light.

Accademia built hospital-compliant window frames and installed video screens behind them to give the illusion of a real window. Each window is programmed with landscapes films from around the world, providing a more comfortable environment for patients.


Project Willow - In Development

DESCRIPTION: We are excited to be developing new behavioural intervention tools for patients to engage with during cancer treatments. 

Using the latest in VR technology, we will introduce highly distracting first-person experiences as a potential non-pharmacological solution for symptom management during chemotherapy.

We believe that by continuously occupying patients with absorbing stories, interactive moments, soothing sounds and imagery in a fully immersive environment, we can effectively suppress feelings of nausea and anxiety so commonly experienced during these intrusive treatments.  This could lead to improved quality of life for patients, an increased ability to sustain longer treatments and maybe even savings in antiemetic drugs. 

STATUS: In discussions with various London hospitals.